I’m posting a Mothers Day card in honour of the occasion. It’s not exactly a stunning work of art… it was quite quick to make, and it had to be because I suddenly realised that if I didn’t get it in the mail immediately it wouldn’t make it to my MIL anywhere near on time.

Mothers Day

The photo has amped up the colour a bit, especially the ink on the scallops. It’s definitely gentler IRL. And better coordinated. Hmm.

One nice thing about this card is that the lace arrived recently in a parcel from someone I’ve never met. I joined in a forum exchange where each person was given one address and allowed to spend no more than $5 filling a parcel – although anything hand made, salvaged or dug out of a dresser drawer was fair game. Most of us had our hobbies and likes listed in our profiles, but it was still amazing how wonderfully appropriate all the parcels were. And every single one of them arrived where they were supposed to! More about this exchange in a later post, when I will show something I made and, if I can get permission, something that was made for me.

For now, if you would like a little more detail on making this card, please click the jump.The card uses a standard white base, folded as best I am able and intended to be bottom-opening. (Is there a better word for that? There should be!) I trimmed some light blue cardstock to leave a narrow border of white card, then trimmed some lightly patterned paper to cover the blue cardstock, again leaving a narrow border. I didn’t attach them to the card yet! First I used a small strip of double sided tape centrally to hold the patterned paper in place  on the blue cardstock, and I took to it with my sewing machine. I zigzagged around the patterned paper.

Poorly lit sewing image 🙂

After stitching, I cut two strips of lace and one of ribbon to match the size of the patterned paper. I found the best way to line these up was to turn the ribbon face down and adhere each strip of lace to the back of the ribbon. I used Pritt power gel for that. And while I had it handy I used it to stick the ribbon/lace combo across the front of the card so the ribbon was about a third of the way up the card. This might vary depending on the width of the lace and ribbon used.

The sentiment uses a font called Fiolex Girls which you can find online. I printed it on white, traced around a scallopy shape I had, and cut out the scalloped sentiment. (This would all be much easier if I had some giant punches or perhaps an electric cutter, but that’s dreamland for now.) I inked the edges with a dusky blue what I swear did not look nasty at the time. The sentiment panel is mounted with double sided foam tape.

So, there you have it. My first post on this brand new blog. I have other projects to come. My sisters and I will each post in our own time, so the next post on the blog might be one of theirs. My next post, though, will be a small crochet bag. Unless I happen upon something irresistible and find myself obliged to make and post it immediately!