Happy Mother’s Day! Well, I celebrated Mother’s Day the hard way – by running 8km in the Mother’s Day Classic fun run! This after two 90-minute karate training sessions on Saturday – I asked my Sensei to let me ‘take it easy’ – sadly, that concept ‘does not exist in my dojo, does it?’ (Fans of The Karate Kid – the original, that is – should reply here with ‘No, Sensei!) But I finished the race in 55 minutes and even managed a sprint at the end. Hurrah!

The Mother’s Day Classic is a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, so of course pink, in a startling number of various shades, was the prevailing colour of the day. In the spirit of the day, here’s something pink that I have made.

I based this bag on a free pattern from Artsy Craftsy Babe, who creates some gorgeous stuff and is generous enough to upload excellent free patterns as well.

Why I made a pink bag for a red laptop, I’m still trying to figure out. All I did to the existing pattern was extend the width to fit my laptop (in its little neoprene sleeve), and pad the straps with a bit of cotton quilt batting. The rest is exactly per the pattern.

PS. Kylie, these cashew cookies are the bomb. Thanks!