Three times this week I have driven 70 minutes each way to deliver my children to the wasteful inanity that is NAPLAN testing. The education department has faults, and this is one of them. At any rate,  my distance ed children had to attend a real school to do these anti-marvelous tests. I took them on three days; my mother kindly gave me a break on one day.

One useful side-effect of this was that I visited multiple op-shops while the kids were proving QLD doesn’t follow the same curriculum as NSW. (Anyone need to borrow a soapbox, I think I’m on one.) Op-shopping was great, I scored six $1 winter shirts for the kids – one of them a JAG shirt with $59.95 JAG price tag still attached. Awesome.

Really Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior

Also, I visited the library. I couldn’t help noticing, on the display table, a book with a bright green pompom-laden tea cosy on the cover. I had to bring it home and oggle over it. I had no idea that people did such astonishing things with tea cosies – chickens, rose gardens, coral! It turns out to be the second book by this author. Wild Tea Cosies has been followed by Really Wild Tea Cosies. To see some of what I’m talking about, visit her website Grand Purl Baa. Or try this Wild For Tea Cosies blog which features creations from this book along with other inspirational teapot garments.

Tea cosies. Knitted in the round using two circular needles. I think my life has been improved by this discovery.