I’ve got a friend’s 50th birthday coming up, so here’s a simple card with a cut-out for a point of interest. It might not be a point of interest to an experienced card maker, but how many of your cards are you giving to experienced card makers, hmmmm? It is a cute novelty for the average card receiver!

This card was inspired by one seen on the Paper Caper blog.

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I like how the dinosaur looks slightly scared/shocked. Yes, this card is for a man with a sense of humour! In hindsight, I’d add “you’re” to the sentiment in a small scripty font, vertically up the side of the ‘H’. I think cut-outs give a definite hand-made look to a card, but you do need a decently sturdy cardstock to make them. The flimsier stuff sags too much. I’d even prefer this one to be stiffer.

Stuff I used:

Bazzill white cardstock – it was a leftover strip 11.5x30cm (4.5×12 inches)

Basic Grey Archaic paper scraps

Coluzzle knife, and circle template

double sided tape and foam tape

brown fine point pen ( mine is American Crafts)

downloaded freeware font Bubble Man created by Brain Eaters Font Co.

Stuff to do with it:

1. Fold card in half lengthways and flatten crease firmly. Round the corners of the open end of the card. (You can round the finished card later if you have a gutsy rounder, but mine doesn’t like 2 layers of card.)

2. Decide what size circle  would suit the card. Plan to cut out a dinosaur a centimeter bigger than the hole to be cut in the card.

3. Find a nice dino on the archaic paper, one that will fit well in the planned hole size.

4. Cut out dino slightly larger than planned hole size. This is easy with the Coluzzle, which I’m not trying to promote, it’s just what I have. The template has graduated circles and I used the 4th and 5th ones.

5. Place dino circle on front of card, move it around until you like the position, keeping in mind that you will be adding a paper strip and sentiment. Unless you aren’t.

6. Open the card out and cut the circle out of the card front. Pop the dino in behind it and admire how cute it looks. Don’t stick the dino in yet.

7. Take a scrap of matching coloured paper and trim it to fit about 1/3 of the card front. Round the corners to match the card front, and attach the paper to the card with double sided tape.

8. Take another scrap of the same or matching coloured paper, and cut to fit the lower third of the card inside. Make sure the card can close, you don’t want the strip poking into the card’s fold too far. Round the bottom right corner and attach the paper inside the card with ds tape.

9. Check exactly where the dino needs to go, and attach him inside the card with ds tape.

10. Draw a dashed line around the outside of the cutout circle on the card front, and around inside the edge of the dino circle inside the card.

11. Print a sentiment on  a scrap of white cardstock  and trim to a size that suits your card, mine is about 7x3cm.

12. Trim another scrap of patterned paper to layer behind the sentiment. Round the top right and bottom left corners of both the sentiment and patterned paper, then ds tape the sentiment to the paper.

13. Use double sided foam tape to mount the sentiment onto the card.

I think he’s cute, I hope you like him. (The card. Not the bloke I’m giving it to. Definitely the card.)