Important: Add Seam Allowance!

Seam allowance must be added on all sides. Otherwise, the bloody thing won’t fit, and it’ll be 11pm the night before the party and you won’t have enough of that groovy blue material to start over.

Luckily, I am occasionally able to think outside the rectangle (even at 11pm) and the cute brown print looks perfect as a feature panel.

I expected the pencil pocket to be the most difficult bit, but in fact it was dead easy – I even remembered to sew it on before putting everything else together! The little pocket at the bottom contains an eraser and pencil sharpener. Basically, it’s two square lined bags, with a ‘spine’ between to join them together.

Then it was just sew on a button and some ribbon and voila! Groovy sketchbook cover. Finished in time for the party – and much lauded by the giftee (whose party it was).

I think I’ll make one for myself.