I believe it's butter fudge!

Okay, I promise not all cooking posts will be about things that didn’t work. Really. In fact, tomorrow I will bring you some things that did work, because I’m cooking up a storm right now. You see, it’s Show season here. (Americans, think County Fair) I like to cook for the show. I like that it supports the pavilion, I like looking at everyone else’s stuff, and I definately don’t hate getting a few prize ribbons.

Each local Show has its own schedule, and since I moved not too long ago I have a ‘new’ Show to cook for. This one has a category for Butterscotch, which I had never made before. Of course, that is exactly the reason I hunted up a recipe in the trusty old Day To Day Cookery (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, there’s a good chance you didn’t go to high school in Australia). Only this was one of those vague recipes that required me to boil the sugar syrup ‘until amber’. Like, what shade of amber? I am definately of the candy thermometer school of cooking.

So, butterscotch looks much like toffee, doesn’t it? Yes. I boiled it to small crack (138 C) and it was indeed amber. Amber enough? Jury is still out. Then, as instructed, I stirred in the butter ‘until absorbed’. That does imply a certain difficulty level in the stirring stakes. I guess the syrup cooled too much while I was flogging the bejeezus out of it to get the butter to ‘absorb’. It turned white.

Bye bye butterscotch, hello… whitish stuff. Well, I tipped it into the dish anyway.

I'm sure those beads of moisture mean something...

And then I began scraping the remnants off the saucepan.

Back off, it's mine!

And I discovered that this ruined butterscotch looked like fudge and tasted like butter.

So, now you know how to make butter fudge. Aim for butterscotch and beat until fudgy. I believe this might be the origin of the saying “I fudged it”.

BTW those aren’t giant pieces in a cup, they are normal pieces in an demitasse cup. Noritake Laureate to be precise.

Other things I have cooked in the last few days and may post about when I stop cooking long enough: Anzac biscuits, jam drops, nutella pinwheels, Russian caramel (the chewy kind!), french jellies and marshmallow. But don’t expect me to post on Monday. Because Monday is when my KIDS will be cooking for the Show…