This is the card that won me Judges Choice in the local Show. I was pretty chuffed with myself when I made it, I will admit, but the judge might take it back if she realised how easy it was. As you can probably tell, it’s a three-layer box. Here are the three layers of mine before sticking together: As you can see, front layer with a larger hole and side panels folded towards the back. You can do some decorating with the layers in isolation, but you need to lay them on each other regularly to see where you want things to go compared to what you are putting on the other layers. I have attached some elements to the front and some to the back of this layer. The dinos are all attached with foam tape for dimension, while the tree has its leaves in front but its trunk behind.

Center panel with a smaller hole and side panels folded towards the back. My double sided tape is already on the sides here. One more dino attached here with foam tape.

Rear panel with background image again on foam tape, card sides folded towards the front.

Next you use double sided tape to stick the central panel to the INSIDE of the back panel sides, and then stick the front panel to the OUTSIDE of the back panel sides.

Other details:

I found the font at Dinosaur Central, and the papers used are Basic Grey Archaic. The dinos are cut from a paper from that range. I cut the oval holes with a Coluzzle template and blade. The template is very similar in size to the card so it was really easy to line the holes up – just have the template centered on the card.

My finished box is 14cm wide, 12cm high and 3cm deep. For this you cut a back panel and front panel each 20cmx12cm, and score them at 3cm and 17cm for the side folds (3cm from each end). The center panel is 17cmx12cm, scored at 1.5cm and 15.5cm (1.5cm from each end).

Your measurements do need to be accurate. If one panel ends up a little wider than another, the box won’t flatten properly. It’ll probably still flatten enough to stuff in there, though 🙂

I inked around my elements and I added a blank panel for the card giver to write on.

Here’s a picture to help you understand how it goes in an envelope – It’s only partly flattened here because 1. that better illustrates what is happening and 2. it won’t stay fully flat while upright for me to photograph 🙂   The flattened card is 17x12cm.

Hopefully it’s clear how that all works. I’m happy to answer questions, though.