If you’re a die-hard yarn addict, you likely already know this. But if you’re new to your yarn addiction or have recently figured it can’t be that hard to knit bootees for your expected godchild, then you might be in need of this link.
Ravelry is a site full of knitting and crochet patterns, yarn sources, people and their projects. Here is why I love it.

  • It pulls together patterns from all over the web. This is your central index for patterns and they have pictures.
  • Some are for sale but there are lots of free patterns also.
  • They have pics of versions other people have made, so you can see how it turns out for someone who didn’t write the pattern.
  • As people use the pattern they list and picture what yarn they used for the pattern, so you can see what works AND see where you can buy it.
  • People with too much yarn (???) list stuff they are willing to trade or sell.

It’s like a one-stop-shop for yarn projects.

Here’s a tip if you are looking for trade/private buy yarn in Australia. The Stash lists are not just about selling, they are also lists for users of the site to keep track of what they have in their cupboard. It’s not all for sale. (Some people refer to their knitting room. Knitting room. No wonder they need a computerized list.) There are two ways you can search stashes to try to find something you want. One is by looking up the specific yarn you want, then clicking on the Stash tab to see who has it, and the other is by going to a person’s profile and looking at their individual stash.

Let’s say you look up Noro Kureyon yarn. It’s in 14906 stashes. Now, near the top of the page there are search options. Type Australia into the search bar but don’t click on search yet. Now change Status to ‘will trade or sell’. When you make that change it automatically proceeds, and includes both those terms in the one search. Turns out there is only one Aussie with this yarn up for trade, so you really didn’t want to wade through the other 14905 to find it, did you? Don’t worry, there are other yarns with more Aussies up for trades.

But now I have a problem. I can’t decide what project to start next. Crochet a penguin? Knit an ice-cream? Okay, I’ll just drool over yarn instead.

Artyarns Beaded Mohair, stock photo by Cathy Moore