Here’s a simple card! I’m sure you can see for yourself how it is made. Cut a circle out of a paper rectangle, and a smaller circle from another paper or card to fill the space. Decorate. Enjoy.

I didn’t have any red flowers so I inked a white one so I could put two different ones on there.

Just a quick post to keep in touch, I made this card a few weeks ago but as mentioned in the last post I have been away this week. I’ll do a better post in a day or two. I am working on a few projects at the moment, partly fueled by some determined op-shopping while I was away. I picked up some cheap yarn and knitting needles as well as a few clothing items. (It was a kids’ thing I was at, so the kids were busy but I had some free time… life is tough! No internet access though, which was probably good for me for a change LOL.)

Have a nice day!