Here’s a quick card I made for a little boy. I won’t claim it’s new and original, and I’ve seen so many paper sheep around the internet I can’t give any particular link.

I wanted to use goggle eyes on him but I couldn’t find the ones I thought I had. So I simply drew on features with with a white gel pen. I made the head by cutting an oval out with scallop scissors, then sitting it on black cardboard and drawing a face shape… cut out and stick. Put on black again, draw on ears… cut and stick (cut them as one piece not two separate ears). Attach to the top of a scallop circle card using foam tape.

Make the scallop circle card by folding a white card (mine was from some junk mail) and tracing a scallop circle on top, leaving out one scallop to act as a join at the top of the card. I can give a link for the scallop circle. Since I don’t have a massive punch or a die cutter, I used a template from The Papercraft Tutor, although she recently¬† had to re-upload everything so I can’t guarantee it’s still available.

Lie the sheep body on, you guessed it, black cardboard. Sketch on some legs then cut them out with enough extra to stick to the body with double sided tape.

I also added a little tail cut with scallop scissors, attaching the top with dst and putting a little foam tape under the tip so it sticks out a bit.