I had a good vacuum cleaner. It got sick and needed to rest frequently. Then it started blowing dust out the back as fast (or seemingly faster) as it sucked it in the front. So I replaced it with a cheap bagless vacuum cleaner, which sucked because it did not suck enough. This vacuum issue had been going on for months.

Finally, I bought a Vax Zero compact.

I vacuumed my lounge room. This vacuum cleaner retrieved enough dust to topdress a large windowbox, and enough fluff to stuff a child’s toy. A very unhygienic child’s toy. But anyway.

I’m a little concerned at the amount of dust that could be drawn from carpet that still looked cream in colour. I could practically have sowed wheat in that sucker, why didn’t it look brown? The downside is that now I can see every mark that an unclean foot leaves on the carpet. It’s almost enough to make a person want to vacuum regularly.


PS I have crocheted a tea cosy and a hat for each of my kids. I’ll post again this week.