Okay, so I wasn’t particularly creative this week, so here’s something I prepared earlier. Quite a bit earlier, actually!

So here’s these little numbers, which I frenziedly whipped up for several members of the family for Christmas. I think they’re pretty cute; and hopefully they’re as practical as they’re intended to be.

I used iron-on transfers – the ones you can print out at home – to make the little label patches. (The ones for my nephews  – above, in the very boy-like prints – also included their names on the handle, for when they take them off on school camps.)

The bags also have a layer of thin plastic between the central divider, the idea being to prevent the unworn from being too contaminated by the unwashed! I used an el-cheapo garment bag from the $2-shop for that, it was just the right weight.

The design I came up with is based on a double-sided packing cell from Eagle Creek, which I have found invaluable when travelling. Mine’s brightly-pink-striped so I can always find it in my suitcase or backpack.