This was my first version of this pattern, which can be found at Vallie’s blog HERE. I was using a lighter yarn and making for kids with bigger heads, so I made it a bit bigger.

The second version, which I haven’t photographed because it was for the older, less maliable son, looked better. I made it to the original pattern size but using a 6.5mm hook and black yarn held double for the flat top, then changed to the variagated yarn and a smaller hook down the sides, and the double black again for the brim.

It was so much better the first one had to be remade, but I tried making it with navy and it didn’t look as cool. Also on the third one I attached the brim with front-post trebles instead of just using increases too push it up, and that seemed to work okay too.

They do seem best when made with a double thickness brim with an insert to keep them stiff, but I haven’t tried doing that.