Roast pumpkin. Feta. They belong together. Feta belongs with many many other things too, but pumpkin pretty much belongs in soup or with feta. Or possibly in little pumpkin pies.

Anyway, I used this recipe from Cathy’s Kitchen and I roasted pumpkin until it started caramelizing like this:

The recipe said to roughly mash the pumpkin but I just cut the chunks in half. I cooked it a bit longer than instructed too, perhaps my pan was a bit deeper than the original. Or maybe it was because I sneakily used readymade shortcrust pastry 🙂  I realised too late that I didn’t have any cumin, which I think would have helped balance the sweetness of the pumpkin. Still, it was very yummy and I will be having some of these leftovers for lunch, and making this quiche again another day