It might be sensible to call for psychiatric help. Clearly this is unreasonable and obsessive behaviour from a person who typically irons only when pressed (HA HA HA) by her husband, which is about three times a year.

But this ribbon, it had folds in it from being wrapped around a card. And I wanted to make a flower with curves, not folds. So, I ironed it. Then I looped it into a flower with a pin holding it all together on a piece of foam. When I had the petals just where I wanted, I pinned down them down:

(card pic after the jump)

I pinned the petals so I could slide the whole flower up the pins, and then slide down one layer at a time, adding a dab of glue with my conveniently pointy Pritt glue between each layer. So, once it dried it was all joined together and I could take the pins out and use it on a card like this:

This is one of those cards that look better in person, because the photo doesn’t show the glitter cardstock (American Crafts) to full advantage. It looks kind of plain here, but it actually has more colour and texture IRL.

BTW I am a frugal scrapper – that is not a large rectangle of glitter cardstock. That is a frame shaped piece, because I cut out the hidden section and replaced it with a couple of layers of plain card so nothing would sag (that glitter stuff is thick). The circle at the front was cut from the ‘saved’ section. I’ll use the rest of it for something else.

Both ribbons are Fundamentals trims, and were given to me by a lovely friend. Hello A  🙂