Simple cake. Remember I’m not just teaching at home, I’m mid-muster as well. So, DS1 wanted caramello koalas fishing on his cake, along with freckle turtles and violet crumble picnic tables. I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind as he planned on an ocean big enough for fishing boats (more on those later), but as a simple time-poor cake it turned out fine.

Normally I make ‘water’ on cakes with diced jelly, but this time I didn’t. This was a ring cake, and I widened the hole by cutting out some cake and laying it in the bottom of the hole. Then I cut a circle in the jelly I had made (thickened with an extra teas of gelatine) and dropped it in the hole. Jelly is quite cooperative stuff. I think it looks nice with a smooth surface.

That’s a turtle being caught by the chocolate fisherman. After this photo, a chocolate seat was added on each side of the picnic table.

We are also making boats from jelly and oranges, and I will post about those when they are done.