I started this headband last night and finished it today! Instant gratification. And coincidentally brown like chocolate. I’m sure there’s a connection.

The pattern is by Drops Design and appears here on Ravelry. The Drops model has a much nicer head…

My version was made using 5mm needles and a Spotlight yarn called Akala by Moda Vera. It’s a very soft squishy yarn that came in a 100g skein, and this headband used maybe 35g of it. Because it’s such a  soft yarn the ridges don’t stand out quite as much, but I like them anyway. It’s very simple to make.

Where the pattern said to increase (to create the wider gap between the ridges) I picked up a stitch right beside the knit ridge so it would be more hidden, and did the same with the decreases. At the end it says to join to the cast-on edge without binding off… and no further explanation. I used a grafting seam (often called kitchener) onto the first row of knitting on the cast-on edge. It looks fine, and is hidden under my hair anyway.

So simple, yet such a lovely visual effect. Here’s the Drops model, so you can see what it’s really supposed to look like:

If my sisters are really polite I will let them touch my headband when they come to visit me.