Today was Cupcake Day!

Everyone loves cupcakes, most folk love animals … rather a stroke of genius then for the RSPCA to link the two together. We had a fine spread at work:

Don’t you just love the colorful little cuppas at the front there? No, they weren’t mine. But they are such a great idea.  “Where did you get the recipe?” I asked the clever maker. “Oh, a friend brought them to a party – but you can find the instructions online”.  Indeed you can – here’s one such spot.

I made gluten-free carob fudge pots – little upside-down mini cupcakes:

I can’t post the recipe just yet – I iced them at work so I need to do them again and measure the ingredients properly. But happy cupcake day everyone! Now if someone could just start Toasted Sourdough with Lashings of Butter Day… mmmmmm.