Bendigo Woolen Mills have a great reputation and the prices are reasonable… and they have an online store which is kinda handy when the only wool available for miles around is a small shelf at the local Newsagency. I’ve bought some there. Bless them for stocking yarn at all. But if you want range and quality and price… this is what you need. The colour cards from Bendigo Woolen Mills. I just got them in the mail, and I am off now to drool over them and dream about what I could order if the money tree in the back yard came into fruit. (And btw, there’s more on the reverse side!)

And while I’m on about wool, I got a lovely surprise today! I had made a trade on the Aussie Karma Swaps forum on Ravelry (yes, I live there), and was expecting two balls of Moda Vera Adore. The sender at the last moment couldn’t find one of the balls. So she sent one ball of that,  and replaced the other (these being 50g balls of Spotlight wool blend) with over 100g of handspun Alpaca!!!!!  How happy am I? Very happy! I’ve never used Alpaca before, and I don’t know when I could have afforded it, so this is a blessing. She has a website here, and sells yarns, fleeces and handknits.

Look, here it is (although it’s more of a pure dark brown, not as reddish as in the photo):

Now I must go. Things to knit.