A short scarf that stays on because you tuck the loose end through the loop – the loop sits right up at your neck and the end hangs down.

The original pattern was called Moss Stitch Loop Scarf and can be found on Jeri Rigged’s blog. I took the idea and made a few changes, though. I cast on using waste yarn, so after I had knit about 8 inches of 12 stitches in width, I pulled out the waste yarn and slid the now reactivated stitches back onto the needle, so I could just keep knitting on the now full-width scarf. No picking up stitches to join that half-width tail in!

I also used what the ancient stitch pattern book I snagged at a second hand store calls Sand Stitch. This mean Row 1 = knit, Row 2 = k1, p1   Of course this ended up slightly out of whack when I joined the upsidedown end back in, but I just knitted two stitches together on the following row to even things up again. The pattern makes one nubby side and one side that looks like a kind of soft rib stitch. So it’s a reversible scarf!

I chose sand stitch for this because the yarn was a variable weight handspun… I think the word is slubby. Not sure. Showing my naivete. But anyway I thought a nubby pattern would suit it, and I believe it does.

This handspun yarn came from Rosnasharn Farm, they have a range of products available.