Oh, dear. Forgive me, readers, for it has been almost a month since my last blog entry! Very remiss of me. I blame work.

Earlier this month, it was a certain sister’s birthday (you can guess which from the pictures!) so the other two went to spend the weekend in a show of sisterly solidarity.

To illustrate how intrinisc baking is in this family, there was an email during the planning of the trip which went something like, “She would probably prefer to know in advance. And it would make it easier to do things like ask what sort of cake she might like us to make for her, etc.” See? Automatic assumption that cake would be created by us. Aww.

In the end, Kylie baked and I iced, despite the uncertainty caused by recent power blackouts – would the oven stay on long enough?? Luckily it did.

Chocolate mud cake, light chocolate butter icing, decorated with Hershey’s Kisses and this cool chocolate writing fudge that Mum discovered when shopping for cake ingredients. My writing’s a bit haphazard I must admit! (But then, so is my ability to take a decent photo….)