We’ve all done it, haven’t we? (Well, those of us with incurable creative habits, that is.) You think, I’ll just pop into Spotlight to get the zipper/buttons/matching thread for the pants/blouse/frock I’ve been meaning to finish/start/fix.

$57 dollars later, and you’re now not only poorer, but have six more projects lining up. Most of which you have probably forgotton the zipper/buttons/matching thread for, and will therefore need a return visit to the fabric store….

A couple of weeks ago, I went to The Remnant Warehouse, which is what I imagine a patchworker’s dream looks like. How I wish I could say ‘One of each, thanks!’

I was thinking about a cot quilt and couldn’t decide what matched the cute porcupine print; so I asked the lady behind the counter. Oh dear. It was pretty quiet in the shop, and she gave me about half an hour of her time; during which she presented me with about 50 different combinations of fabric, and by the end I was so confused I ended up with the red and blue. Which I now don’t like.  The orange and brown were for something else entirely, but I quite like the brown spot for the porcupine print!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

The projects continue to pile up…..

Oh well. I probably need another zipper anyway.