I didn’t take any progress pics of this bag… unless you count the fact that it isn’t finished yet so these are all progress pics. I need a large button for the ribbon loop to hook around.

Bag Front View
The pattern is called Noriko Handbag, and is available free at http://www.lazygirldesigns.com

More pics…

Bag Bottom

Bottom view

I used fabrics from my stash (aka pile of stuff I have had for a zillion years and don’t remember the fabric composition or original intended purpose of. In this case I can say it is black taffeta and a black and white polyester print.

Folded Flat

Being fine fabrics and without any stiffener (interfacing, pallum etc) it scrunches down quite small when not in use.

Bag folded down

Scrunched for storage!

In use, it has a width and depth of about 15cm each, and a height of about 17cm not including the handles. I lined it with the same fabrics as the outer, but in reverse order – so each plain black panel is lined with print and vice versa.

I made it as a project bag, intended for storing knitting projects on circular needles, or maybe socks on dpns. I have half a child’s skirt in there on a circ, plus a ball of wool, and it fits easily. The whole skirt will fit I believe, and it’s a size 10! (I’ll post it in a zillion years when I finish knitting it…)