Just thought I’d fill you in on the goodies I picked up while on my camper-trailer shaped adventure and final ever thank you deities for that sweet relief minischool.

Last time I did over the op-shops it was yarn day for me, I picked up a whole box of partly used cones of lace weight wool and wool blends in various colours, and also some recycled (already rewound into balls) orange wool, enough for a cardi I think.

This time it was pattern day. I picked up the four craft patterns here, some were 50c and some were 20c. They are all sorts of bags and homewares type stuff. I”m sure I’ll use them! The suit pattern doesn’t look much but the tank-top type shirt that you can’t really see is an interesting pattern.

I got the clothes in the picture too, the shorts being house shorts for son1, the swimmers for son2, and the shirt for myself. It’s rather a nice deep red.

I also picked up steel-cap work boots that fit son1 at the moment but, as advised by the makebakehusband, will also fit me for all the work I will be doing when the boys are in school next year. I should think they’ll be a little bit heavy on the sewing machine foot control. I got a couple of pairs of jeans for the boys too… the size 12s fit son2, would you believe, while son1 wore size 10 to his Year 7 Graduation Dinner the same day.

Picked up a couple of pattern booklets and magazines that might be useful in swaps.

I think that’s about all. Oh, and a tea-towel because I forgot to pack one. And a set of plastic wine glasses to add to the camping kit. And a black fuzzy ‘throw rug’ that turned out, when fully unfolded (it was sold tied up) to be a Jetstar rug. Guess someone stole it off a plane… I’ve never seen them in use, and I’m thinking the thief was not traveling el-cheapo class like I would be.

Now I’m off to check out the new Foodpress blog. MBS1 and MBS3, you may aspire to feature upon its gilded bloggage. But only if you use tags.