How long does it take an one Irishman to change a lightbulb? I don’t know.  How long does it take a tribe of techs to fix one laptop? Seven weeks. Yes, almost two months have I been frustrated, annoyed and deprived while the laptop’s been in the shop. A dead motherboard, a fried transformer…  not so bad, but add in a faulty replacement motherboard, another fault that required fixing and a parts supplier who’d make a turtle look like Usain Bolt – well.

So I have been unable to tell you about the oh-my-GOD good Paris Prest I made:


This involved choux pastry, homemade praline paste (that wasn’t in the recipe, I just decided to give it a try – it’s like making peanut butter from nut brittle), toffee chards, and creme patissiere. It took the better part of a day. It was worth it (you’ll find the recipe in Stephane Reynaud’s latest book, 365 Reasons to Sit Down and Eat and the praline paste recipe here

This is what praline paste looks like – and yes, it’s quite edible just spoon by spoon…


Nor have I been able to share my not-so-successful attempt at gluten-free shortbread:


Nor this totally indulgent slice:


About which I shall post more another time!

So no recipes, this time, merely evidence that I have been making and baking during the hiatus.