Here are a couple of the projects I’ve made lately… I’m going to show what I made and also, so the poor recipients know what it’s really supposed to look like, the pic from the pattern. I’ll link my pic to my project on Rav and the pattern pic to the pattern on Rav. They’re all from free patterns.

Here’s my cotton Market Bag

Which aside from strap length actually does bear a distinct resemblence to the Ilene Bag:


Here’s an awesome self-portrait of me in a Mini-poncho:

My knitting has loosened up a bit since, I was on a wicked tight guage when I knot this so it was really hard making those bobbles. They’re called blackberry stitch. Here’s what it was supposed to look like!

And one last one for today (I’ll do the rest another time); the ponytail beanie. This yarn looked nice on the ball but I fear it looked suspiciously like vomit when knitted up. I gifted it anyway. Sorry about the vomit-head, senior MBS.


Here’s a rear view of the original. Mine does have the opening and buttons as well.


So, MBSs, that’s what you were supposed to get. I’m improving with practice 🙂