I made it back, and I’m going to again show pics of what I made linked to my project details on Rav, and pics of what the pattern was meant to look like linked to the pattern page on Rav. If you are really lucky I will remember what I posted last time, and actually post new items this time.

Here are my Ochre Mitts made with Bendigo Woollen Mills Melody wool, it cables really neatly as it’s a very tight yarn with no fluff. Oh, and I did weave in the ends after this photo was taken.

And here is the original, as you can see I made them longer to keep out the chilly air that sneaks up sleeves.

And for the hand that requires decoration more than actual warmth (sorry, poor chilly sister), I made some lacy handwarmers using super-soft wool/silk blend from Eat, Sleep, Knit. They were quite quick to make up.

Again, with this pattern I made the cuff a bit longer. I also edged the v-shape with crochet instead of picking up stitches and knitting. It was just easier for me that way. Here are the original Pretty Lace Handwarmers


And finally, I made these spiral legwarmers. These use an acrylic yarn from Spotlight. I made them a bit shorter than pattern (um, by making the rib shorter at one end… didn’t think of it before knitting all the way up one legwarmer. My family has had short legs all our lives, you’d think I’d remember that.) As they were shorter, and despite having to cut and rejoin the yarn because of a colour whoopsie throwing out the stripes, I managed to get the pair of legs with matching stripes out of one 100g ball of yarn. That I bought on sale. Laura, if you only get one wear out of those things, you got my money’s worth LOL.

My pair (or single sample, to be accurate):

The designer’s skinnier-leg pics: