So, I’ve aqcuired myself a knitmeter and it’s over in the right sidebar. It looks like this:

And if you click on it you can get one too.

I’ve just added my first usage to it. It’a very sad usage registration. I knew how many meters I had knit into this thing because I measured one of the rows while I was unraveling it. Bahhhhh! Even though the gauge was right and my measurements seemed just right for a medium size, once Ihad knit over four inches (coming up from the hemline) I suspected it was big. So I tried it on. And it was a couple of inches bigger around than it needed to be. So I bit the bullet and pulled out 186 stitches X 31 rows = 5766 stitches.


Now I have to steel myself to start again rather than tossing it in favour of starting something else.

I’m making a scarf for the Work For Yarn thread on Rav too, I’ll show it next post.