Well, my excuse for not blogging is that I have been studying. And it was Christmas. I should be studying right now, in fact, but hey. This whole study thing is quite unfamiliar to me ( I don’t even remember doing much at school, frankly) and I’m finding it hard to adjust.

But I still managed to whip up a few things.

I also managed to hilariously unmake something.

I found this drapey shawl jumper at the op shop (of course!) I thought, that’s a pretty average shade of pink, but it’s pure wool. Maybe I can dye it. And if it’s still not my thing after that, I could always frog it and give it to someone who could make something pretty.

I really wasn’t thinking when I chucked in the WASHING MACHINE with the dye packet and a couple of other small items I was dying. With HOT WATER.

Oh dear. It’s quite a lovely shade of fuchsia now, but it’s almost perfectly felted. I say almost because in my infinite wisdom, I tried wrapping the lacey edge bits to see if I could get variations of colour. No. Just variations of feltyness.

Laugh if you will. I certainly did. Literally. When I pulled it out of the washing machine I had to sit down on the kitchen floor, I was laughing so hard. It gave me giggles for a couple of days, actually.

What I will do with it now is still unknown. Other MBS suggestions included purses and hats. Slippers, maybe? We shall see.

Next time, I shall blog the blouse I made out of Burdastyle magazine. Not nearly as much fun as the jumper, but more likely to be worn!!

PS. Oh, and did I mention my washing machine then chose to go on the blink? Obviously it also objected to my treatment of a perfectly good (albeit baby pink) wool sweater.