I made a pair of little fabric baskets using a pattern in Handmade magazine. Vol 27 No. 9 to be precise. It claims to be a Collector’s Edition of Quick Weekend Crafts. I collected it from my local library so I’ll have to return it to their collection. Must be a Collector’s Edition indeed.

The pattern said to cut two circles from template plastic to stiffen the base… I used the clear covers yanked off some comb-bound booklets the kids had from school last year. There’s a thin strip of that stuff inside the handles, too.

The scallop top edges are a bit fiddly. I think they would be almost as cute with just a straight top edge. I especially thought that after I sewed one of them through only the outer fabric and interfacing. I forgot to layer on the lining fabric that I was supposed to be stitching it to. Um, yeah. Not very effective. Try again.

A bit fiddly with handsewing on the bases, but not too bad overall.

They look like Easter Baskets to me.

Thanks for the fabric Laura 🙂