Just cause I haven’t blogged doesn’t mean I haven’t been whiling away the hours behind the sewing machine. Or in the kitchen. Since finishing the cursed assignment, I went into a sewing frenzy – well, a small one, anyway – brought on by withdrawal.  There were a couple of bags on the Burdastyle website which I’d been wanting to try so I thought I would give them a bash.

This one I made for a friend. It’s called the Lena Bag. It’s quite big, which may or may not have something to do with me getting too gung ho with the pattern. I download, I print, I cut out the pattern…. and THEN I check the sizing square. Curse you, US Letter Sized paper! Curse you, printer who kindly re-sizes documents to print on A4 paper. Oh well. It was only out by 0.5cm each side, so I just added a little bit when I cut it out.

Then I made this one, the Reversible bag. I love this because the fabric cost me $4. The green paisley (how gorgeous is it!) was a remnant for $2, and the purple polka dot was on the clearance table for $4 a metre – I only needed 50cm!


Oh, and did I mention this?

This is my Kindle. I got it for Christmas, mostly.

So of course I had to whip up a little cover for it.

Making the pattern for this was easy! I drew around the Kindle on a piece of paper, then added a seam allowance. I cut once piece the same length as the Kindle, straight across at the top and curved at the bottom; and a second piece with an overlap extension and curves at all corners. Then the same again in lining and some bamboo quilt batting.  The velcro was positioned and sewn on before I went any further.  I sewed the inner bag and the outer bag, sewing on the lining to the wrong side of the outer bag. Trimmed the seams to reduce bulk, pressed under the opening edges, stuffed the lining into the outer bag, and just topstitched them together around the flap and opening.

Of course, it was a little tight, but it has stretched just enough. Now I can chuck my Kindle in my handbag and have access to, basically, Amazon, anywhere, anytime! I cannot express how good it is. I have read one entire novel already (Thunderbird Falls by CE Murphy, if you like a bit of paranormal stuff!) and I love it just fine for reading.


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