I haven’t made the number of bags Laura made, or possibly the quality LOL, but here is my effort nonetheless.

I saw a bag in Creating Country Threads Summer Special magazine, but it wasn’t one they were supplying a pattern for. It was a picture accompanying an article on crafter Catherine McMurray. Hers had a differnt handle style, and a much cuter shape as I didn’t manage to make mine as nice as hers. But that’s where the idea came from.

I used some Charm Squares I’d received in a trade. They were 6.5″ squares and used 5 blue squares and 5 purple squares. I cut them into quarters then sewed the quarters into a nine-patch square. That left two blue and two purple little quarters left over, I used those to make two pockets attached to the bag lining.

I then cut the nine-patch square to shape – leaving the lower half at full width but curving in to make the top narrower. Then I used that to cut matching lining pieces. The base and base lining are simply squares the size of the original nine-patch square. I quilted the patch squares onto medium-thin wadding then sewed the outer bag together and sewed the inner lining bag together. With its pockets attached.

I cut a bias strip to attach the two around the top edge, and laid the ends of the handle in before sewing that strip on so that attached the handle too. The handle is wadded and sewn at both edges and down the middle because I like padded handles. I just top-stitched it together rather than doing any turning inside out because it was easier and I’m lazy. I did hand-sew the bias to the inside after machine-sewing on the outside.

Here is the inside view, but this was taken when I tried to sew the bias strip on all by machine and it went icky. I took it off and did it properly but forgot to take another photo.


I have since exchanged this bag for some yummy wools that look  (warning, all these wool pics are ganked because I haven’t taken pics of them yet) like this pink Moseley Park (might be a bit lighter really, mine is a shade called Beauty)) and part balls of a light blue in Lush Yarn Cashmerino like this pic but without the darkest blue, and then this sparkly Dream In Colour  Starry yarn – why yes, it’s blue and purple with sparkly bits. Why yes, I rather like it a lot. And I didn’t even ask for it, she just added it as an extra.












Oh, and of course the wool that I actually arranged this swap to get. The ones above were all added extras. What I was actually after was… should I tell… or should I make Kylie guess?

Go on, Kylie.