Hello all! I thought I would have a go at a book review, just for something different.

After reading, and enjoying immensely, The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks,  I decided to to woman up and have a go at the supersized The Black Prism. Not bad, really.

I like the way Mr Weeks introduced us to the concept of drafting and how the magic worked in that world. Rather than an initial blast of technobabble (should that be magibabble?) which some fantasy novels suffer from, it was a natural progression of situations which allowed the reader to gather the threads and follow young Kip as he, too, found out about drafting. The language of the magic and the local slang seems natural and unforced, which I always find to be a bonus.

Our peerless leader, Gavin (Gavin? Really? the most important man in the world – “Gavin”? Sure he’s not from Penrith? No?) has a massive secret which creates some fantastic plot twists. Oh sure, I hear you say, Shakespeare uses that one all the time. Well, that’s as may be, but Shakespeare didn’t have mad colour wights and kings with delusions of granduer – oh wait, no, he did have deluded kings. Anyway, I shan’t give any plot details away. Even though this secret was a little confusing at first (Gavin? or…. Gavin?) you just need to pay attention.

Gavin Guile is irreverent and a little bit like a geek in Prism’s clothing, but he’s likable and I find myself looking forward to the next in the Lightbringer series. Oh yes, one thing I really liked about The Black Prism – no prophecies! I was over prophecies after I read The Belgariad all those years ago (those were fun, don’t get me wrong!) but it’s refreshing to have a solid fantasy novel with new magic rules, intricate plotlines and best of all, plain old good writing.

The Black Prism gets three and a half brownies out of five.

Oh, and I’m a green drafter. Wild. (Although I wanted to be a green-yellow bichrome, dammit!) Go find out your colour at www.brentweeks.com