So, basically, Bargello patchwork is magic. Not my magic. All its own.

This is the table runner I made to protect the top of my new kitchen buffet.

Pictures of the curious way bargello is created after the ‘more’ thingie.

It’s an unexpectedly two-stage process. First you choose six coordinating fabrics ranging from light to dark, then you cut 2.5″ strips right across them.

(In my case, ignore the ‘cut two strips across fabric then cut them in half’ and cut 4 from my fat quarters because that’s what I have. And it’s exactly the same result.) Then proceed to ignore the direction to only use 3 of each colour strips. I mean, really. Cut four and only use three? No sirree. I will make a bigger runner instead.

Then you sew the strips together into one big tube. Then comes the unexpected parts. First you lay the tube out and cut it into strips – the widths vary in this pattern, which I got from a Patchwork and Stitching magazine.

Then you keep the strips in order, and you unpick each little section of tube at a different point. Check it out.


Now, when you move the strips down so the bottom edges are all even again, the colours form a peaking pattern. Sew them in place and you get this, which is sideways to the pic of the strips above:

It isn’t perfect, some of my stitching got a bit out of whack. But I added a backing and quilted the whole thing in the gutters, and there it was. Only a couple of days work LOL.