Well, I did. I baked an undroppable cake. And I have witnesses. Sadly, I don’t have pictures, but it all happened quite quickly. I mean, not the cake, but the dropping bit.

I made a cake for an office birthday. When i asked a colleague what kind of cake the birthday person would like, I was informed ‘Chocolate mud. As chocolate and mud as you can make.’ I probably didn’t make it that muddy, but it was tasty nonetheless.

I used the Mississippi Mud Cake recipe from Epicure Chocolate (thanks, Kylie!). However the recipe called for coffee and whiskey both. I didn’t want this to be a coffee-flavoured cake, and I thought the generous amount of alcohol in the recipe was a bit inappropriate for the workplace. So I replaced the liquid with orange juice. Presto – Jaffa mud cake!

Then, because too much chocolate is never enough, I made chocolate sour cream frosting with a dash of orange blossom water . Whoo!

However, before we got to the stage of cutting and eating, it was almost a complete disaster. I took my creation to work in a nifty Decor cake storer with builtin lifter – very handy. Whilst in the office kitchen, bringing the cake out (to the tune of happy ooh’s and aah’s from my fans at work), I picked up the cake with the lifter and set it on a board. Picking up the board, and a knife, I turned -boof! Cake lifter – complete with cake – slid straight off the board, looking destined to end up a chocolatey smear on the wall and floor. I juggled wildly (trying not to stab myself with the knife) while there was a collective ‘NOOOOOoooooo -!’ from the crowd.

The cake landed, right side up, completely unhurt. Didn’t even brush the wall.I reckon it did at least two complete somersaults.

I believe my cake-juggling abilities are now almost as respected as my baking abilities.

Unbruised, cake was grasped very carefully and served to some appreciative colleagues.

And I learned not one, but two, valuable lessons.

One, the bottom of the cake lifter is awful slippery.

Two, never let a sound guy cut the cake.