Here’s a nice website with loads of patterns for sale, and some free ones too. A rather nice free handbag pattern if you sign up to the site. It was tricky though. I signed up to the newsletter, which earns some free ebooks. Then when I went to download the purse pattern, which I think was one of the ebooks, I had to open an account (free, no probs)… but then I couldn’t find the purse again to download it. I finally got it simply by going into my history and backtracking to the right page, where I was able to download it because I’d become a member.

But it might be simpler if you know to just keep the freebies page open, and open yourself another page to join up if you haven’t already.

I just checked and the free ebooks can be accessed again by going to your ‘confirm your newsletter subscription’ email, and clicking to confirm. That takes you to the free ebooks page. Goodness knows what confirming your subscription more than once does, though LOL.


You Can Make This

It has other crafts besides sewing, too.