So I have in my possession a groovy new digital camera. Last weekend I took it to a karate seminar, where I realised (again) that I am just hopeless at taking action photos.

It did come in handy for taking video, however, at the Elvis-themed pizza place when Elvis handed our visiting instructor the mic and he burst into a throaty rendition of “I Did It My Way” – in Japanese! But I’m not posting that one here. Sorry.

No, I decided that my talents are best put to use in the kitchen, so when someone used the magic words ‘banana cake’ during the week, I thought that was an ideal subject to take lots of pictures with.

So this post is less about the cake and more about the pictures.

The cake was a basic banana cake with a few variations. (Me? Vary a recipe? Nooooo….)

I love using ground rolled oats in place of part of the flour in baking as it creates a really interesting, chewy texture.


It’s nutty because I also added about a quarter-cup of LSA (ground linseed, sunflower & almond).

How groovy is that tea-towel?

And don’t you love my silver sugar tongs?