I knitted. Yes, my toilet needs cleaning far more than I need another shawlette. Lock me in housewife jail and throw away the key. Just don’t be surprised if the regulation issue sheets somehow turn into rag rugs….

I am pleased to introduce you to Liliiflora Shawlette. The pattern is for sale on Rav, from designer LilyGo. Check it out here. I was lucky enough to be a test knitter for the pattern – you are looking at one of the first handful of Liliifloras in existance! The pattern went live today and I suspect there will be a lot more Lils in a few weeks.

The pattern is so clever. It starts at the bottom and works up through the lace, then that diamondy lace section at the top incorprates short row shaping – so very clever, no wraps, the turns are worked into the pattern. It’s genius. It also has nupps, which are not my most favouritest thing to do – if I make this again, I might try using some beads in place of the nupps. Which for the un-nupp-turated, are little lumps made by creating a bunch of extra stitches then knitting them all together. Preferably with a crochet hook. Clear as mud?

I made this using Lush merino-silk blend fingering weight yarn. It’s very soft. It seemed tiny when I finished knitting it (I made a small size but the pattern instructs for making much larger ones as well) but it grew a foot wider in blocking. My project details are here. I think it’s very pretty and I really must get some skills in close-up photography. Here’s another shot for your edification.

Now, all I need is to have a life that involves occasions that warrant the wearing of shawlettes. Somehow I don’t think this is quite the fashion statement for pushing the trolley through IGA. Or serving up toasties in the school canteen.