So, apparently Whoopie Pies are well known in some places. Since they aren’t well known in others (like here), I’ll describe them. They’re two muffin tops sandwiched together with something wicked. I’ve never seen marshmallow creme in a can but apparently that makes a good filling. A couple of days a ago I made chocolate whoopie pies. I’d had one at a cafe, you see. And I thought, “These would package up well for school tuckshop. No icing on the outside to stick towhatever I put them in. And I have school bake duty coming up.”

So I came home, and I found this recipe for Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Peanut Butter Filling. I made the pies as per the recipe – it made 18 pies. Imade a vienna cream for the filling though. The school says they have no kids with peanut allergies but you never know.

They were pretty good. But only a dozen of them made it into the frezer for school. So then I put our massive pumpkin crop to use and made these.

These are even better. I used this recipe, but as I said marshmallow whatsit is not in my pantry. Or my supermarket. So I made the cakes per the recipe, then I filled them with Maple Vienna Cream. When putting it on baking trays I used about 2 tblsp of batter and 8 to a tray. The recipe says 3 tblsp and 12 to a tray, all I can say is those trays must be huge. My way made 24 pies (ie 48 cake blobs).

Maple Vienna Cream:

125g softened butter

1 1/2 cups icing sugar

3 tblsp maple syrup

Beat butter until pale. Add sugar and beat well. Add syrup and beat well.

This makes a fairly stiff icing, and the cake are soft, so you have to spread it yourself. With the chocolate ones I found the cream softer and the cakes a little smaller, so I could blob it on and spread it by squishing the cakes together.

De-lish-us. Not too sweet, but just right.