I entered lots in the Show. Everything won. Sometimes this was because there were no other entries, and sometimes I actually won on merit. I’d prefer to win on merit, thank you. Please get your entries in next year and teach me a lesson. I will surely need one if the only person who beats me is… me.

Anyway, sisters, here are the details for you.

Here’s the masterpiece, the Gnome the judges wanted to take home. He won the Child’s Toy section, and was awarded Most Outstanding Entry in the knitting section. He’s a pattern by Alan Dart, who has a website which interested passers-by can google.

Further blathering about my prowess after the break…

Hand Knitted Adult Garment – 1st Liliiflora Shawlette (as blogged here), second my Lacey Tunic and third my 22 Leaves Shawlette.

I also won Child’s Article With Design with the Maze Beanie

Crochet Rug, Any Yarn with my version of the Sunny Spread, which I don’t have a finished photo of… here’s an in-progress shot:

Ummm don’t have a photo at all of the Crochet 3 Piece Baby Set, must load some up. It’s green and white and Mum says it looks like doll’s clothes. Which is does. But some babies are that size – just not my babies.

Oh, and while I was there I also won Chocolate Fudge, Russian Caramel, Coconut Ice and Marshmallow and the plate of a variety of sweets. I was the only entry in the latter three… again.

Show’s over. I don’t think I’ll take up any new crafts for next year’s Show. I have too many already.