Recently, a good friend of mine moved to Melbourne. A fellow opshopophile who introduced me to the many bargain opportunities in Dulwich Hill (not to mention excellent coffee), I wanted to give him a going-away present that would help him feel at home in a new city.

One day, whilst trawling through the blogosphere, I happened across “I Op Therefore I Am“, a collaborative blog about op shopping in Melbourne. Hmmmm…. lo and behold, these wonderful people have created a comprehensive list of every op shop in Melbourne, in a handy downloadable excel file!


And so I trawled the net a bit further for some artwork, and then stayed up late one night creating this:

And because the recipient is also a big fan of anything vintage, I made it pretty.

It does have actual real information in it, too.

It made a great don’t-open-this-til-you’re-on-the-plane gift. There’s a different pin-up girl on every page, too.

So of course a short time later I snuck down to Melbourne for a bit of a shopping spree. I mean, I love to shop, so it wasn’t much of an ask. The fact that my friend digs ops shops as much as I do was just a bonus! In Yarraville I scored big at Anglicare, and at a great little ‘green’ shop which also boasted quality recycled clothing (check out the silk top from Witchery!)

Then I towed my friend all the way to Chapel St where we had a bit of an op shop overdose. The prices might be a little higher there than in smaller suburban op shops, but the quality is really very good.

 I love the military style of the cream blouse (Marks & Spencer!) and the green shorts (Cue!) were a really good fit. One of the patterns was from, I think, a Red Cross shop; the other was from the Chapel St Bazaar. It’s sort of like a vintage museum where you can actually buy anything from the display.

I probably went a bit overboard, to be honest, but I had just read this blog, and watched this video, and was obsessed with the idea of outfitting myself for a week entirely from op shop finds. I did come to the conclusion that I am neither young nor funky enough to pull off a sequin skirt, cowboy boots and oversize shirt, but it was the concept I really liked.  I will definately visit the Recycled Fashion blog, and sometime soon will muster up the courage to submit to the Friday linkup.

(And just in case Recycled Fashion reads this, I found some grapefruit in the St James Op Shop in Glen Iris, Melbourne: