This blog is called makebakesisters. All of my (scant) posts have been about the baking. But I do make, I do!

And finally, I have not only made something, but finished it and remembered to take a picture of it. It has taken over a year, but finally, I have finished my moebius shrug/scarf/cowl/thingywhatsit.

I saw the pattern a magazine I subscribe to called Yarn, a great Australian craft publication, with equally cool sister mags devoted to felting and embellishment (they sell a pdf download of the pattern from their website, too) and loved it. It is a moebius – one of those mind-bending shapes that has no end. Think of a long thin rectangle of paper; if you joined the ends, you’d have a ring, with one circular edge at the top and one at the bottom. But if you twisted one end then joined them together, there are no longer two edges, but rather one continuous edge. To knit that, you could knit a rectangle, twist and attach. Or you can cast on in a way that you create the one long edge at the start and then knit round and round and round. Which is exactly what this pattern does.

Of course, I couldn’t use any of the yarns in my stash, nothing felt right (I’m beginning to think it never does, that stashes aren’t actually related to knitting or crocheting in any practical sense. They exist solely to grow…)

The pattern is really very easy, aside from one thing. Figuring out how to cast on a moebius was really rather challenging. I consulted a then-colleague who has written books on knitting. I asked the lovely folk at Yarn. The former hadn’t tried a mobius. The latter tried enthusiastically to explain in other ways, but it’s really one of those things you have to see to “get”. Or in my case, just keep trying until you realise that it requires what feels like an upside down cast-on. See, I told you it was hard to explain! But once I had that little bit done, it was a joy to knit. No tension squares, a fairly simple pattern and lots of lovely wool. The main body is knitted on circular needles, using a feather-and-fan pattern repeat. The ruffled edge is crocheted.

Aside from the curious cast-on, the only problem was nothing to do with the pattern, just the degree to which I occasionally got caught up in things on TV.  When doing the pattern rows, you need to do repeats of six and it is easy to do five, or seven… I had to unpull a few rows here and there. But only a few, and it really wasn’t a big issue.

One year and four months later (my enthusiasm for knitting comes in bursts!), it was done! The last of the ends was woven in last night, and I am looking forward to getting at least a few wears out of it before the cooler weather completely disappears.

The fun bit will be to decide HOW to wear it. A hippy-shrug on the hips? A shoulder shrug? Under one arm and over the other shoulder? It’s one of the things I love about the pattern, so many ways to wear it. That and how lovely it feels. I am very pleased with how my choice of yarns has worked out for this one. Now if I could just find an equally fun project to use up some of the really big stash box…