Lately I have developed a bit of an obsession with vintage patterns and magazines. After being outbid on eBay for a set of four of 60’s BurdaStyle magazines, I was determined not to let the next one get away! So I did then get my hands on this one, which is all in German, even the pattern instruction book.

I’m pretty sure that if decided to make any of these great dresses (and I’m pretty sure I will!) that it won’t be too hard to figure out the construction. The pattern sheets are only in ‘rot’ and ‘grin’ (I didn’t need google translate to tell me that was red and green!) so tracing out the patterns would be a cinch!

This one cost me $10 including postage. Bargain!

Then I got this set of four from the late 70’s.

The magazines are also in German but these ones have two instruction books, one in German and one in English. I paid about $20 for the lot, including postage. How gorgeous are those formal gowns? Hmm, maybe a new maxi dress for summer is on the cards…

Then when I was out at the op shop (no! really? me? at the op shop?) I picked up one Burda and one Anna, $1 each.

And at yet another op shop, I found these awesome ‘Womancraft’ magazines from 1975. Full of fabulous articles about how to plaster, fix plumbing, build bookshelves and choose a lighting scheme – not to mention the gorgeous fashion!

I could totally see some of these outfits strolling around Newtown today.