It’s supposed to be a shawl. The pattern says so. Reminiscence Shawl by Lily Go, to be precise. But I’m tellin’ you it’s a skirt.

Look, judge for yourself.

Mmm, shawl. Pretty.


Skirt! Ooh la la! Who is that stylish woman?


I knit it from Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply (purple) and Dream In Colour Starry in a colour called Dusky Aurora, which is a just devine mix of blues and purples and even an almost khaki shade, with a silver thread for bling. Project details here, you might need to be a member of Ravelry to see it.

I hope it is so impressive you forgive me for not blogging in forever. I actually thought no-one was blogging here as the posts weren’t showing up somewhere that I had the blog linked to. But it must only show my own posts. Sorry about that, I didn’t mean to ignore your recent (more recent than mine, for sure!) posts.