A couple more small things I made recently.

Both are from instructions found free online. Wonderful world.

First, a box bag from the instructions the blog Make it Modern. Hers was a tiny pouch, I made mine with larger rectangles (8×10″ I think) as I wanted it to be big enough to use as a knitters project bag. I had promised one in a swap so had to come up with the goods! The zip length listed in the instructions was plenty long enough for a larger pouch. Some of it gets cut off.

The only changes I made were that I made the corner cut-offs larger than pattern because my pouch was larger, and I french-seamed the long seam at the bottom of the pouch. I know, I’m fussy, but I don’t like raw seams. It’s a lined pouch but it still has raw seams because of the construction. However, the construction is really simple so it’s the price you pay.’

Oh, and I added a handle. You put it in when seaming the cut-off corners.

My other project, also for a swap, was this six inch pincushion from Polka Dot Pineapple. I pretty much just followed the instructions on this one. It’s cute. The button I picked up from a loose lot at my local newsagent/haberdashery. Didn’t know it was for a pincushion at the time, but it was just perfect.