It’s possible that I spend too much time (and too much money) in op shops. Possible…. but of the many things I could be addicted to (like chocolate) it’s one of the more harmless. Oh, wait, I am addicted to chocolate. Oops.

Anyway, I have collected some great buttons at op shops, so I thought, it being Buy Nothing New Month, I would share some of them with you on here.

These ones cost me $2 at Vinnies (which Vinnies, I can’t remember!) They are about 4.5cm across. I had trouble getting a picture that really showed the colour, but they are a groovy greeny-brown that’s almost translucent in the crater in the corner.


These gold ones only cost me a couple of bucks too. They are about 3cm long and there is six of them. They aren’t all plastic, either, as I first thought when I bought them – only the shank part is plastic, the rest is metal (probably aluminium, but I don’t care!)

A random collection of black buttons. The bigger the better, I say – that sucker has a diameter of 4.4cm!

The next random collection is neutral tones. These weren’t all purchased in the same lot, though – the matching ones were paired up and the others were singled out. I’m thinking about painting or otherwise decorating the big cream ones.

The stripy one is not wood, although it looks it in this pic. It is actually plastic, and an educated source tells me it could in fact be Bakelite. Who doesn’t love Bakelite?

Then there’s these ones:

My faves in this lot are the middle one, and the carved stripy one (again, possibly Bakelite!)

And of course these little cuties. There’s 15 of them.

So even though I totally blew out Buy Nothing New Month by going on a shopping spree at the factory outlet centre, I am determined to go 30 days without buying anything new that I couldn’t get secondhand. Wish me luck!