Laura reminded me that I haven’t blogged for a while. So here I am with a summary of my knitting UFOs… minus any I suspect might actually be Christmas presents. You think that won’t leave many? Hah!

First of all, to prove that I actually can finish things, here is a crochet shawl made from nearly 12oom of 5ply wool. It’s huge but somewhat grannified. It’s also lighter in colour than the picture suggests. It’s called Denim Blue.

Garden Path ShawlJump the break if you are bored enough to look at my UFOs.

This is Isabella, a light linen top that I set aside in order to knit warm winter things… now it’s warm again but I keep forgetting to finish it:

This is my Aster vest, which has in fact been sewn together since this photo, and only has some crochet edging to go:

This is a Waterfall Scarf,I’m knitting it from some sillk blend handspun that was gifted to me. It resides in town, so I have something in there to do if I get stuck in there unexpectedly. Therefore it will take a while to get finished.

Here is a scarf I’m making ‘on commission’ – I’m being paid a skein of Wollmeise (high-demand, small supply German hand-dyed yarn) for this and another skein for a beret that I haven’t started yet.

Don’t know what this one is, it’s a mystery knit!

Don’t know what this one is either, it’s a mystery crochet!