Just a quicky with bad pictures…

I picked up a couple of these little wallet-type snap-closed purses at St Vinnies. I think they charged me a dollar each for them. They were, of course, ugly. I was waiting around for something that day so I dug out a multipurpose tool from the glovebox and stripped the outsides off the purses before I had taken pictures. One of them was red fake leather, the other was wierd woven plastic in pastel colours.

When I got it home I replaced the padding on the back side of the purse inner, which was still in great condition. Probably because the purse was too ugly to use. I stuck it back into the frame and cut out some fabric and iron-on interfacing as the fabric was quite light:

destroyed purse

I used the red ‘leather’ strip as you can see, because I thought it looked good. The fabric came from a skirt donated by a neighbour. I intend to make a bag from the remaining fabric. I’ve already traded both purse and unmade bag for a collection of magnetic buttons for making other bags!

Here is what it looks like now:

Covered Purse