I got a Tablet for Christmas. It’s cool. After many hours and a large helping of stubborn (supplied by me), I even managed to convince Android Market that I actually was accessing their games with an android tablet, and they let me download some games which will hopefully keep my kids occupied at appropriate times. Not me, of course, because I don’t care about trapping a mouse with towers. Well, not much anyway. At least not after I’ve proven it possible. A few times.


So, I made this cover to keep my tablet in good condition while bouncing around the back seat of my car.

It was easy to make. Here’s the main ingredients… check the full post for further instructions.

Hardcover book, fabric and glue... forgot to show a piece of felt.


So, first you take the pages out of the book by cutting the paper down the inner side of the spine, at the start and end of the book pages. The pages lift out and you have a hard cover to use. In my case the book was initially a little too thin, but once the pages were out I stretched it and ‘broke’ the paper that was holding the spine, so it could fold at the out edge of those little gutters that run down beside a book spine. If you look carefully you can see that those little gutters are now part of the spine, not part of the cover flats as they normally would be.

Iron your fabric, lay your book cover flat upon it, and cut the fabric about an inch larger than the book all the way around. Now would be the time to embellish the cover if you were so inclined. Then you glue the fabric to the book. You could use any sort of glue I suppose, but since I had spray glue I used it.

When it’s dry, flip it over and stick down the overlap along two sides. I folded them up and pencil-marked where the edges came to, so I could spread glue over just the right area. Now, trim the corners off at… well… the corners. Indeed. See left corner in photo! Then use a spot of glue to hold the bits together before folding, and another spot of glue to hold down the corner when you fold it in (see right corner in pic) just like when wrapping a Christmas present. Y’all do wrap them neatly, don’t you? Sure you do. Make sure you leave a gap between the book edge and the folded corner, so that the folded fabric ends up on the inner surface of the book cover. If you fold the cornoer right up to the cover, it will make a bulky lump when you fold the overlap over to stick down the whole edge.

Cornering illustration

See? Clear as mud.

Do all four corners, then glue in those sides. It doesn’t matter that the selvedges are raw, because next they get covered with a rectangle of felt. Cut it slightly smaller than your cover, so it covers all the selvedges but doesn’t stick out of the book. Once that is glued in, all you need to do is stick some velcro on the back of the tablet, and that will stick the tablet to the felt well enough for average use. Granted, I wouldn’t open the book up and shake it over the toilet bowl. Because that would be not only stupid but wierd. But it does hold the tablet on while you hold the cover, or prop the cover up on your knees or whatever you fancy. Saves a few fingerprints on the screen, too.

Tablet velcroed onto felt lining.

Tablet velcroed onto felt lining.

All connections still available for charging etc.

All connections still available for charging etc.