I have made a lot of cakes.  Occasionally, I even remember to take pictures. In fact, I have pictures of cakes and slices that I kind of can’t remember. Like this one, which I believe was a walnutty syrup cake made with halva:

Most of them end up fed to my colleagues (they’re a handy bunch to feed an experimental cake to).  One that ended up at work was the All-In Brawl Cake. (Calling it the All-In Brawl Cake is easier than saying the Chocolate Banana Yoghurt  Layer Cake).

It came about just before Christmas, when I wanted to use up the bananas before I went away – but there wasn’t quite enough banana, so I got to use up the last of the vanilla yoghurt as well. There’s big chunks of chocolate between the two layers of cake batter.


How about this one? Gluten-free Spice Cake with Cinnamon & Honey Icing.

A classic chocolate mud cake with creamy chocolate ganache. Who doesn’t love ganache? I wasn’t responsible for the funky spiral cut, either, but I must admit it looks kind of cool!

Hmm. I think I might go and make….. well, perhaps not a cake.